var getDetails = function() {
return {
name :'Jeremy Weeks',
age :39,
location :'San Jose, CA',
job :'Senior Software Engineer, Netflix',
description:'Hi, I\'m Jeremy. Thanks for checking out my site. I am a Software Engineer and I do web development, make games, build apps, animate and occasionally sleep.'

var ps = 'Oh, and I play a lot of games.';

I'm currently playing:

  • Terraria Timber!! No Hobo Stop! Hammer Time! Ooo! Shiny! Heart Breaker Heavy Metal I Am Loot! Star Power Hold on Tight! Eye on You
  • FINAL FANTASY VII Won 1st battle
  • Nova Lands Industrial Progress From Sticks to Computers A Fancy Calculator Hyper Math Industrial Life We Steel Need More Will of Steel The First Beast: Moschillar The Second Beast: Drameleon The Third Beast: Tunasa
  • SteamWorld Build Digging a Hole Going Places Mathematic Conducted Trade
  • Sea of Stars Boss Slugged No, wait! Stretch Quest Now give me that! Dweller of Woe Who would have thought? Yo, Ho! Home Solstice Power Dweller of Torment