var getDetails = function() {
return {
name :'Jeremy Weeks',
age :40,
location :'San Jose, CA',
job :'Senior Software Engineer, Netflix',
description:'Hi, I\'m Jeremy. Thanks for checking out my site. I am a Software Engineer and I do web development, make games, build apps, animate and occasionally sleep.'

var ps = 'Oh, and I play a lot of games.';

I'm currently playing:

  • Terraria Timber!! No Hobo Stop! Hammer Time! Ooo! Shiny! Heart Breaker Heavy Metal I Am Loot! Star Power Hold on Tight! Eye on You
  • FINAL FANTASY VII Won 1st battle
  • Ys IX: Monstrum Nox King of the Monstrums Cartographer Seeker of Fortune Good Samaritan Debonair Socialite Monster Zoologist Material Girl I Would Walk 300 Krimelye Ambassador of the Dandelion Hermetic Bastion
  • STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor™ Rooftop Duel For Saw Gerrera Grab Some Seat The Past Made Present They Never Saw It Coming Riposte King of the World Cleaning Up They're Probably Fine Can You Pet the Bogling?
  • The Case of the Golden Idol First Case Solved Second Case Solved Third Case Solved Fourth Case Solved Fifth Case Solved Sixth Case Solved Seventh Case Solved Eight Case Solved Ninth Case Solved Tenth Case Solved
  • The Forgotten City Looper The Many Shall Suffer The One That Got Away The Ones That Got Away The Canon Ending Bloodless Shadow Herculean Archaeologist Sleuth Italian Plumber