var getDetails = function() {
return {
name :'Jeremy Weeks',
age :39,
location :'San Jose, CA',
job :'Senior Software Engineer, Netflix',
description:'Hi, I\'m Jeremy. Thanks for checking out my site. I am a Software Engineer and I do web development, make games, build apps, animate and occasionally sleep.'

var ps = 'Oh, and I play a lot of games.';

I'm currently playing:

  • Terraria Timber!! No Hobo Stop! Hammer Time! Ooo! Shiny! Heart Breaker Heavy Metal I Am Loot! Star Power Hold on Tight! Eye on You
  • FINAL FANTASY VII Won 1st battle
  • The Planet Crafter New Sky Clouds in the sky Life from the sky Liquid water Shelter Are we leaving? Biomass Vegetables in space What could go wrong? The Rare Red Ore
  • Forager Tycoon Miner Royal Gemologist Tough Tomb Raider Pathfinder Ice Breaker Demon Hunter Ancient Astronomer